Regarding the team

Hello (waves hand),
I’m Katie!
I’m one of the many creators of Dragonfly Stitchery and I make complicated things easy.

Dragonfly Stitchery is a community of crafters and creators with a focus on quilting and cross stitch.

Here at Dragonfly Stitchery you receive:

  • The 10 Steps to Make Any Dragonfly Stitchery Pattern!
  • Tips & Tricks for Quilting and Cross-Stitch to ROCK your world!
  • A Sneak Peek into the Studio where the magic happens!
  • And wickedly good book reviews!

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In the beginning, I started Dragonfly Stitchery with family and friends. Now the community is fueled by creators from all over. Our principal crafters collectively have over 40 years quilting experience. They are all lovely folks and you’ll read about them soon—they’re working on their bios. Outside of being quilting & cross stitch rock-stars, we play disc golf, knit, crochet, and are all around geeks.

Collaboration is Dragonfly Stitchery’s mainstay. We know creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We want you to add to the community knowledge base! Reach out let us know how the tips worked out for you, ask questions, give us your tried and true cheats, and hook up with us on Social Media.

Let’s chat!

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