Posting ideas

Below are some ideas I have had about posts to make. As they are made, I will edit this post to show a link to the new post. If the idea is repeated, I will do my best to link it correctly. 
Just a few random ideas:
September was the hottest month on record globally.
Onions can't be traded in futures.

Blog post ideas:
Big block Sunday
Cross stitching
Fabric stores
quilting thread
cross stitch threads
ultimate pixel quilt
all the different places to use quilted products like duvet covers, curtains, clothes, pot holders, bed skirts, repurposing jeans for quilts, nap sacks for kids
caring and maintaining 
What to do when they start to fall apart or repairing an older quilt.
how to plan projects
If the research you've done indicates that there are poor resources that turn into Pinterest-esque fails, maybe you're the solution to that.
Or is it just their opinion that you've done things "wrong" because it's not the way they would have done it? There's typically more than one way to skin a cat. That's something you can overcome because you can say, the way I was taught, X. How would you do Y? 
How anal should you be with 1/4" seams? 
how to choose colours and what goes with what? 
How do you know what matches and will make the quilt look current and not dated?
I'd want to have the basics laid out for me in a simple 1-2-3 type format. 
Shopping list for supplies, 
best books for beginners, 
common newbie mistakes, 
what to tell myself when I screw it all up a few times...... 
what are the best beginner projects
Hand vs machine quilting... 
T-shirt memento quilting... 
Organization of all your stuff. 

I will also add things as I think of them. If you want to know something this is the best place to comment. Please ask away!

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