Finding the eye

Raise your hand if you have struggled with threading a needle? My hand is up. Some day's I can thread a needle on the first time. Other days I need some help threading my needle. 
Last November (2015) I went on a search to find the best threader out there. In the past, I have made jewelry. This tainted my search. I simply couldn't find a threader that I loved. There were the cheap ones. These break after a short bit. The handles bend. Just all around yuck for me. I bought a few and took them apart. Added a nice bead and did a bit of wire wrapping to make them pretty. Then I tried the ones I made. They broke. They weren't any better than the to the right. 

Next, I found some beading needles. These I liked. The issue here was they kept disappearing. I lost them before I could really use them. I tried to make them pretty with beads and such. I liked them. The loop ended up being too long to really work. 

I even tried hammering out a hook from beading wire. Here I just couldn't get the thinness and hook right. These were ugly. So ugly there are no photos of them. 

This story goes on and one with the trials and errors of finding and making threaders that work. Once I have created some that I am proud of they will be up in my Etsy shop:

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