Awesomeness of Beeswax

In today's world of Un, we are drawn to things that are unfilled with crap. Or created in a lab with chemicals that can't be broken down easily by nature. As a stitcher, both cross stitching and hand quilting, I had this in mind when looking for a thread conditioner. Your first thoughts might be what is a thread conditioner? Why do I need one? What are my options? What are the drawbacks to using wax or thread heaven?

First, a thread conditioner works just like conditioner for your hair. Hair conditioner helps your brush go through your hair easier and makes your hair healthy. Thread conditioners act just he same. It helps your thread go through the fabric smoothly. It reduces the tangles that can occur. The twists and knots also seem to disappear.

Why might you need one? Well, ask yourself, "how often are you detangling your thread?" If you said anything along the lines of often. Then that is your answer to why. If you find your thread is unruly or breaking, then grab some thread conditioner.

Options: there are 3: Thread Heaven or beeswax. Thread heaven has 1 great advantage: there is very little chance of it discoloring your thread. Beeswax is option 2. Option 3: dryer sheets. I have used all of these. I don't like the texture of Thread Heaven. Dryer sheets are great because they take up no space. I take the risk and have enjoyed using beeswax.

Beeswax has many functions. Add a bit of oil and other things for lip balm or lotion. Rub it on a drawer that sticks and poof it slides again. Add some food coloring and boom crayons. Add a wick and now it's a candle. Just look it up. My favorite though is using beeswax as a thread conditioner. I take a shaving off my block and melt it onto a scrap of fabric (see the idea of a dryer sheet). That way I don't have a huge block with me. And a piece of fabric is less likely to disappear the way a clump of wax might.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting beeswax in 1/2 ounce chunks on Etsy!

What do you use? Tell me. Successes & failure.

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