So many things

There are so many things going on... I am working on becoming a real estate agent, patterns and quilts and plushy cuteness are being created. Studios and various rooms are being completed. And yet another side project is in the works. Holy moly, I am tired just reading the list of things going on.

Reading the list above is also making me excited for the things to come. One thing we are contemplating here at Dragonfly Stitchery is creating quilted pillow covers to be sold on Facebook or Etsy or somewhere new?

This idea is a hybrid of the item I made for a craft swap and the blocks made for the Big Block Sunday Patterns. Many of the facebook groups we belong to have bags and stuffed animals and other quilted goodies. I haven't seen many people looking for pillow covers or table runners. I have made a few in the past. They were okay for us. Now I am giving them a new life by quilting them. They should go from being cute to super cute when we are done.

I love the idea of pillow covers and table runners. We get to try out various patterns to see if we like them. If we don't a given pattern, it's okay because the finished piece is smaller than a baby quilt.

Would you rather have a big quilt with lots of blocks that can only be in one place at a time? Or a series of blocks that can float around your house? Pops of color and design to brighten any room?

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