Our first pattern!

Woot, the first quilt pattern from Dragonfly Stitchery is up on https://www.etsy.com/shop/DragonflyStitchery.
This pattern is outside of the preplanned series of patterns we wanted to do.

The pattern is called Tangled Tumblers. It started because a colleague heard me talking about quilts. She wanted one for her queen sized bed. She wasn't into girly things or colors. Her pallet was greys and greens. We looked at versions of the Irish Chain because of her heritage. None of those did much for her.

The brains at Dragonfly Stitchery started churning. We had seen and created a few of the disappearing 9-patch quilts. Well, ours were pillow covers. But the idea was the same. At that time, we had seen quite a few Tumbler quilts as well.

So the mash-up of disappearing 9-patch and tumbler quilts mated. To see if we liked it we tested the idea:
Yup, we could see the potential. Next we had to review the looks of it via her colors.

Those look pretty good. The math of it was only a wee bit fun. This was also my first quilt made on-point. It was fun. The quilting was straight lines about an inch outside the ditch.

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