Welcome to Dragonfly Stitchery!

This blog is for my quilting and cross stitching endeavors.

What will you find here? Some of the items you will find are sneak peaks to my quilt patterns and cross stitch patterns. Little hints tips and tricks that I have learned to make cross stitching and quilting easier.

What is Dragonfly Stitchery? Well, it's a place to promote all things quilty and cross stitchy. Specifically,  Dragonfly Stitchery is the author of the soon to be released Big Block Sunday series of quilts. Also, the home of Geeked Out quilts. My steampunk series of quilt patterns (which hasn't been named yet.) And some unnamed cross stitch pattern series. Details about each will be shared in the next few posts.

Also, if you have followed my other blog at titanpink.blogspot.com, I will be migrating the quilt posts from there to here over the next few weeks. That blog will start down the path of food and drink.

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  1. Saving your time. More better to focus on one blog that contains a variety of things, so you will have more time to create some quilt. Create a blog required a lot of energy. my best regards!