Posting ideas

Below are some ideas I have had about posts to make. As they are made, I will edit this post to show a link to the new post. If the idea is repeated, I will do my best to link it correctly. 
Just a few random ideas:
September was the hottest month on record globally.
Onions can't be traded in futures.

Blog post ideas:
Big block Sunday
Cross stitching
Fabric stores
quilting thread
cross stitch threads
ultimate pixel quilt
all the different places to use quilted products like duvet covers, curtains, clothes, pot holders, bed skirts, repurposing jeans for quilts, nap sacks for kids
caring and maintaining 
What to do when they start to fall apart or repairing an older quilt.
how to plan projects
If the research you've done indicates that there are poor resources that turn into Pinterest-esque fails, maybe you're the solution to that.
Or is it just their opinion that you've done things "wrong" because it's not the way they would have done it? There's typically more than one way to skin a cat. That's something you can overcome because you can say, the way I was taught, X. How would you do Y? 
How anal should you be with 1/4" seams? 
how to choose colours and what goes with what? 
How do you know what matches and will make the quilt look current and not dated?
I'd want to have the basics laid out for me in a simple 1-2-3 type format. 
Shopping list for supplies, 
best books for beginners, 
common newbie mistakes, 
what to tell myself when I screw it all up a few times...... 
what are the best beginner projects
Hand vs machine quilting... 
T-shirt memento quilting... 
Organization of all your stuff. 

I will also add things as I think of them. If you want to know something this is the best place to comment. Please ask away!

Finding the eye

Raise your hand if you have struggled with threading a needle? My hand is up. Some day's I can thread a needle on the first time. Other days I need some help threading my needle. 
Last November (2015) I went on a search to find the best threader out there. In the past, I have made jewelry. This tainted my search. I simply couldn't find a threader that I loved. There were the cheap ones. These break after a short bit. The handles bend. Just all around yuck for me. I bought a few and took them apart. Added a nice bead and did a bit of wire wrapping to make them pretty. Then I tried the ones I made. They broke. They weren't any better than the to the right. 

Next, I found some beading needles. These I liked. The issue here was they kept disappearing. I lost them before I could really use them. I tried to make them pretty with beads and such. I liked them. The loop ended up being too long to really work. 

I even tried hammering out a hook from beading wire. Here I just couldn't get the thinness and hook right. These were ugly. So ugly there are no photos of them. 

This story goes on and one with the trials and errors of finding and making threaders that work. Once I have created some that I am proud of they will be up in my Etsy shop:

Awesomeness of Beeswax

In today's world of Un, we are drawn to things that are unfilled with crap. Or created in a lab with chemicals that can't be broken down easily by nature. As a stitcher, both cross stitching and hand quilting, I had this in mind when looking for a thread conditioner. Your first thoughts might be what is a thread conditioner? Why do I need one? What are my options? What are the drawbacks to using wax or thread heaven?

First, a thread conditioner works just like conditioner for your hair. Hair conditioner helps your brush go through your hair easier and makes your hair healthy. Thread conditioners act just he same. It helps your thread go through the fabric smoothly. It reduces the tangles that can occur. The twists and knots also seem to disappear.

Why might you need one? Well, ask yourself, "how often are you detangling your thread?" If you said anything along the lines of often. Then that is your answer to why. If you find your thread is unruly or breaking, then grab some thread conditioner.

Options: there are 3: Thread Heaven or beeswax. Thread heaven has 1 great advantage: there is very little chance of it discoloring your thread. Beeswax is option 2. Option 3: dryer sheets. I have used all of these. I don't like the texture of Thread Heaven. Dryer sheets are great because they take up no space. I take the risk and have enjoyed using beeswax.

Beeswax has many functions. Add a bit of oil and other things for lip balm or lotion. Rub it on a drawer that sticks and poof it slides again. Add some food coloring and boom crayons. Add a wick and now it's a candle. Just look it up. My favorite though is using beeswax as a thread conditioner. I take a shaving off my block and melt it onto a scrap of fabric (see the idea of a dryer sheet). That way I don't have a huge block with me. And a piece of fabric is less likely to disappear the way a clump of wax might.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting beeswax in 1/2 ounce chunks on Etsy!

What do you use? Tell me. Successes & failure.

Blood ties

First off I really enjoyed this book. It's because of all the steampunk attributes. Quincy Allen knows how to put together a heck of a story. 

This is something that keeps the reader engaged at all times even in the slow parts where you need to breathe and catch your breath. Because this book is chock full of events and things that could go wrong and will go wrong and-and and-and. The end the end is so not what you would have expected your reading along and then there are no more pages. Wait what? This is probably not a book I would have originally picked up because of the Western-leaning genre. This book could either be in steampunk or in western because it does both and it blends them seamlessly five stars out of 5 stars for Quincy Allen. I will definitely be picking up book number 2 to see how the ride continues.

So many things

There are so many things going on... I am working on becoming a real estate agent, patterns and quilts and plushy cuteness are being created. Studios and various rooms are being completed. And yet another side project is in the works. Holy moly, I am tired just reading the list of things going on.

Reading the list above is also making me excited for the things to come. One thing we are contemplating here at Dragonfly Stitchery is creating quilted pillow covers to be sold on Facebook or Etsy or somewhere new?

This idea is a hybrid of the item I made for a craft swap and the blocks made for the Big Block Sunday Patterns. Many of the facebook groups we belong to have bags and stuffed animals and other quilted goodies. I haven't seen many people looking for pillow covers or table runners. I have made a few in the past. They were okay for us. Now I am giving them a new life by quilting them. They should go from being cute to super cute when we are done.

I love the idea of pillow covers and table runners. We get to try out various patterns to see if we like them. If we don't a given pattern, it's okay because the finished piece is smaller than a baby quilt.

Would you rather have a big quilt with lots of blocks that can only be in one place at a time? Or a series of blocks that can float around your house? Pops of color and design to brighten any room?

Our first pattern!

Woot, the first quilt pattern from Dragonfly Stitchery is up on
This pattern is outside of the preplanned series of patterns we wanted to do.

The pattern is called Tangled Tumblers. It started because a colleague heard me talking about quilts. She wanted one for her queen sized bed. She wasn't into girly things or colors. Her pallet was greys and greens. We looked at versions of the Irish Chain because of her heritage. None of those did much for her.

The brains at Dragonfly Stitchery started churning. We had seen and created a few of the disappearing 9-patch quilts. Well, ours were pillow covers. But the idea was the same. At that time, we had seen quite a few Tumbler quilts as well.

So the mash-up of disappearing 9-patch and tumbler quilts mated. To see if we liked it we tested the idea:
Yup, we could see the potential. Next we had to review the looks of it via her colors.

Those look pretty good. The math of it was only a wee bit fun. This was also my first quilt made on-point. It was fun. The quilting was straight lines about an inch outside the ditch.


Welcome to Dragonfly Stitchery!

This blog is for my quilting and cross stitching endeavors.

What will you find here? Some of the items you will find are sneak peaks to my quilt patterns and cross stitch patterns. Little hints tips and tricks that I have learned to make cross stitching and quilting easier.

What is Dragonfly Stitchery? Well, it's a place to promote all things quilty and cross stitchy. Specifically,  Dragonfly Stitchery is the author of the soon to be released Big Block Sunday series of quilts. Also, the home of Geeked Out quilts. My steampunk series of quilt patterns (which hasn't been named yet.) And some unnamed cross stitch pattern series. Details about each will be shared in the next few posts.

Also, if you have followed my other blog at, I will be migrating the quilt posts from there to here over the next few weeks. That blog will start down the path of food and drink.